Phifer is the World’s Largest manufacturer of sun control fabrics

The Phifer Story

Weaving Excellence with Innovation

Phifer Incorporated is a leader in the insect screen, solar control fabrics, drawn wire, engineered products and designed fabrics industries. As the world’s largest producer of aluminum and fiberglass insect screening, Phifer has capitalized on its wire drawing and textile weaving expertise to flourish in these and other related markets. Our products keep pace with technological innovations and design trends, and our workforce reflects the diversity, international versatility and customer service commitment expected in today’s marketplace.

Exterior Sun Control Fabrics

Explore our large selection of exterior sun control fabrics that block 65% to 95% of the sun’s heat and glare. Ideal for use in fixed frames or retractable shading systems. Other benefits include reduced energy costs, insect control, daytime privacy and protection against the fading of furnishings.

SheerWeave® Interior

SheerWeave interior sun control fabrics provide the perfect balance of light, comfort and beauty, making them the ideal window covering solution for residential and commercial spaces alike.

Increase Your Daytime Privacy

Privacy window treatments are the perfect solution to add greater daytime privacy to your home or office. Find the fabric you need to increase your daytime privacy for interior and exterior applications.

Make Your Home More Comfortable

Find the perfect material for your window treatments for your home, condo or apartment. Phifer’s sun-control fabrics are ideal for all of your home and residential applications.

1. Durability
2. Privacy

The Best Window Treatments for Your Commercial or Office Space

Find the best fabric for your commercial or office window treatments. Phifer’s sun control fabrics help to reduce heat and minimize glare. Learn more about Phifer products for commercial applications.

Benefits of Sun Shades for Office Spaces (1)

Control the Light in Your Room

Don’t choose an indoor fabric without doing your homework. Search Phifer’s resource center by type of project or fabric to make a smart purchase decision.


Manage Heat and Lower Your Energy Bill

Energy-efficient window shades keep heat in during winter and keep heat out during the summer. Find the perfect window shade fabric to help you lower your energy costs and make any room more comfortable.

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Featured Products

When it comes to planning the interior of a home or office, chances are furniture, carpeting and wall coverings are at the top of the list of items to budget for. But what if there was a way to better protect those furnishings from fading — not to mention help gain greater control over energy costs, add privacy and create a more comfortable space — with just one simple addition?

That simple addition is Phifer SheerWeave sun control fabrics. Designed to suit a wide variety of environments and lifestyles, SheerWeave interior window treatments come in a range of colors, weaves and solar heat gain coefficients (SHGC) to not only protect a space from harmful UV rays that can dial up cooling and energy costs but that can also lend a polished finishing touch to any room in a home or office.

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Where - And How - Can You Use SheerWeave Interior Sun Control Fabric?

Whether your priorities are reducing solar heat and glare, maintaining outward views or adding a decorative touch to your window, Phifer SheerWeave fabrics are the perfect option when it comes to managing natural light. These fabrics can be fabricated into a variety of window treatments such as roller shades, Roman shades, or panel track systems for both residential and commercial applications.

The benefits of SheerWeave fabrics do not stop with protection from the sun. Each fabric has unique features to enhance the performance based on your priorities. Whether it is ease of maintenance, meeting environmental standards and commercial specifications or even acoustical challenges, there is a SheerWeave fabric for virtually any project.

Use SheerWeave to Create Interior Window Treatments for Commercial Properties

When it comes to sun control, commercial buildings such as offices, restaurants, hospitals and spaces in the retail and hospitality industries have different needs from a home residence. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows can invite a lot of heat, raising energy costs on your building substantially. Outfitting your office with interior window shades can help lower energy costs as well as help to better manage solar heat and glare — making the space more comfortable and productive while still making great use of natural daylight.

Phifer SheerWeave interior sun control fabrics meet rigorous building and environmental standards. Our SheerWeave fabrics for commercial environments are flame retardant, GREENGUARD® Certified for low VOCs, and are easy to maintain. Learn more about SheerWeave for your industrial property. 


Use SheerWeave to Create Indoor Window Treatments for the Home

Every homeowner’s taste is unique, and it’s the finishing touches like classic roller shades to tasteful Roman shades that can make a house feel like home. SheerWeave’s various product lines respond to the needs of a modern homeowner, ready to help you outfit every room in your home — from the living room to the nursery.

Each of our SheerWeave products has different shading coefficients and openness factors to their weave. We offer everything from room darkening blackout sun control fabrics with 100% opacity that do not allow any light in to 25% open weaves — with multiple openness factor options in between — to satisfy your priorities in managing solar heat and glare while allowing outward views. We also offer popular light-filtering shading material (such as our 7250R, 7450, 7650 and 7750R products) that lets a gentle spray of natural light to permeate through your window.

Get to Know Phifer SheerWeave Interior Sun Control Fabrics

At Phifer, we understand it can be tough to narrow down a seemingly endless assortment of choices. To help you find the right sun control fabric to meet your needs, it’s best to start by looking at what matters most to you. It’s a given that Phifer SheerWeave® offers superior sun control but, based on required functionality and personal aesthetic, different products can offer even more of what you’re looking for.


​Anti-microbial Properties

In doctor’s offices, assisted living facilities and hospitals, the health of each person who walks into that building is of the utmost importance. In the home, some rooms — such as the bathroom or kitchen areas — are prone to more condensation and dampness than others. To help inhibit the growth of harmful mold, mildew and bacteria, we’ve infused many of our SheerWeave fabrics with Microban® protection, an antimicrobial technology for fabrics used in either a residential or commercial setting.

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Choosing Phifer Interior Sun Control Screening

With so many choices, it can be difficult to narrow down which Phifer SheerWeave interior shading materials are right for your home or office. While we hope we’ve set you on the right track to investigating a range of beautiful, high-quality options to suit your needs, sometimes it’s comforting to talk to an expert.